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Leveling the Playing Field…You Need a Team That Has Your Back!

WM Partnership…The Team that Has Your Back!

Leveling the playing field….do you need a team that has your back?
Do you ever feel like everyone, depending on their motives or perspective, has a vastly different view of your home’s value?
YOU: So you’ve updated the kitchen and bath, you’ve put on a new roof, you’ve painted the inside all of your favorite colors….will you get your money back, dollar for dollar? We will be your cost versus value experts so that your renovation dollars don’t fall short of the goal line.
YOUR BUYER: Now your prospective buyer may want to focus on what they feel your home is missing. It is our job to highlight your home’s hard earned assets and improvements. We can also show your buyer why your home, in your town, may be the best option for them…avoiding an incomplete pass.
YOUR LENDER: Are you planning to refinance? If so, then one of our lenders may be your best pick for their customer service and local market knowledge. Not sure you have enough equity? We can show you where the market is at. It can be a game changer.
YOUR APPRAISER: When the time comes to sell, we will be meeting the appraiser at the house with a list of your improvements and comparable sales. If there is an issue, your homeowner advocacy team will have a strong defensive plan.
YOUR TAX ASSESSOR: We all know that our tax assessments almost never seem to go down…and the increases frequently don’t make sense. We will provide you with the tools you need to make your case and win an abatement field goal.
Let us, with our team, be your lifelong homeowner advocates. We make the plays that get you a game winning touchdown.

Go Pats!

Sarah Winderlin & Denise Mootafian



Posted on February 4, 2017 at 11:32 am by Denise Mootafian Sarah Winderlin

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